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Project Chimps Community Mural


Project Chimps, Chimpanzee Sanctuary


In 2020, Project Chimps asked me to paint a (nearly) 300 foot long habitat retaining wall. They wanted something to represent the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains, with colors pulling from the landscape. This is the first stop on their tours so I wanted it to be bright and up-lifting.

I decided to turn this into a community project with the potential to use the wall for fundraising (for the Chimps); giving donors an opportunity to put their names on plaques on the wall.
In the fall I painted the outline for the whole mural, just before it got too cold out. We waited till the spring (2021) when it warmed up to add color.
I partnered with Paint Love, a children's art nonprofit in Atlanta, to have kids come help me paint.
It was like filling in a huge coloring book! Several groups of kids made the trip to Blue Ridge to help out over the course of a few different weekends. From designing, to planning and painting, to overseeing and leading, this mural was a huge feat and a fun experience!


Blue Ridge, GA

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